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We are a “Sex Friendly” site offering only the finest adult products that we use ourselves and can personally recommend. In addition to our products, we also offer you original content reviewing sex products and services (couples resorts, virtual swinging, etc.) We suffer so you don’t have to.

Read our blog where we comment on whatever passing drivel (of a sexual nature) crosses our minds. We also have a forum where our users can pose questions, make suggestions or just comment on the state of the world. Check out the thread on “virtual swinging” where couples (and others) can meet and arrange a Skype (or other such service) tryst. Get naked and do the nasty in front of another couple a thousand miles away... “Safe Swinging” for beginners or those that just don’t want to get “that close.”

We also have our “How To” section with our take on how to perform selected sexual acts such as oral sex, anal sex, hand jobs and the use of sex toys (our specialty). We also speculate on the history of certain sexual predilections like pubic shaving, anal sex, etc. Of course these are just our opinions and this is the Internet, so take everything with a grain of salt.

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If you're looking for movies check out our theater. A HUGE selection of adult movies for a dime (more or less) a minute. There's a little something for everyone. We really enjoy the Italian movies...especially movies from Salieri Entertainment...You’ve got to love Italian porn. Most have english subtitles. But it doesn’t really matter, you can follow the basic plot (most Italian porn titles have at least a hint of a plot) without knowing a word of Italian. Check out our theater by clicking HERE. Note Mac users (like us). It’s a Windows Media world out there, especially when it comes to Video On Demand porn. On the bright side most VOD sites now let you choose / download Microsoft’s Silverlight video player, which is a truly fine piece of work that has performed flawlessly for us on our Macs (and its free) Kudos to Microsoft. “Kudos to Microsoft”? God, that was hard to type...

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Last, check out our partner sites. We have dealt with (and in some cases own) these companies and of course can highly recommend them. Mostly niche products, but a lot of fun.